Gauravani dasa, Hindu Practitioner

A former monastic and practicing Hindu for over 20 years, Gauravani dasa is a member of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, a branch of Hinduism that practices bhakti-yoga.

A former monastic and practicing Hindu for over 20 years, Gauravani dasa is a member of the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition, a branch of Hinduism that practices bhakti-yoga. One of the primary scriptures studied in the tradition is the Bhagavad-gītā (Song of God). Gauravani has a BS in Information Systems from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a MA in Liberal Studie from NC State University, with an emphasis on Gandhian Social Ethics.

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I was very pleased with the presentation in ways only the two of you could understand . I thought I was a Christian of some kind yet, I never seem to fit in because of my peaceful and over loving philosophy. I am learning while studying under Doctor Trent that forms of Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism I have been a serious practicing Buddhist for the past 30 years. I called my self multi-denominational since I see beauty and improvement in all aspects of the various religious cultures that I was familiar with. However, as I some up what this doctrine and what it stands for along with the ethics of Judaism, self improvement of Confucianism I am the complementation of a Buddhists. I try to levitate losing myself in 14feet of water meditating as I swim, sing, dance and praise. I am am very much in love with GOD I can see him paint him even take pictures of as he fly’s about. I film the heavens an I have shared the photos with other’s with others; the ones they can handle. I transaldently travel with him, and have played with angels since about 5 yrs old . That’s as far back as my telepathic memory goes today. I meditate as a normal way of life. Most of my days as I do life entertaining celestial beings. I was so happy to here this I felt like an species of another world and am afraid to share since I get labeled crazy often. I wondered if I could ever share the intimate love story about me and the Father the Son and now Mother has joined my body and soul. I sleep with the three and am constantly comforted by them as I am rejected by the world. I minister anyway and help those I help on a level they can except. In this earthly plane my life is aloft and lonely from human companionship; but my spiritual life is just as you and your guest have described. My spiritual life is off the rector scale is also my natural life. I would not be complete with sharing this with someone who does not understand my level of devotion and understanding of all the aspects of GOD. I am so pleased I saw this pod cast it made me feel not so alone . I play so much with GOD an this relationship is really all I need, but I would like to find what you have found. It is important to have someone in your physical life who gets you. I feel so blessed to have this as an educational experience. This class is warm and responsive to a students needs. Often I find instructors cold and cruel making me want to walk away from my education as painful as these times already are. I am glad I took this coarse this is an hour of darkness for me in the natural world, you have brought the light. Thank You

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