Swami Padmanabha, Hindu Practitioner

Swami Padmanabha is a writer, monk, speaker, and a renowned practitioner of the ancient mystic tradition of Bhakti Yoga in America and Europe. Born in Argentina to a Catholic family, at age 19 Swami began a priestly, monastic life through an in-depth exploration of Hindu Devotional Vedanta (also called bhakti). This tradition would eventually become Swami’s spiritual path for life and at age 28, he officially accepted the order of sannyasa, which involves being actively engaged in the world without becoming attached to it. Swami Padmanabha continues to develop Spanish and English academic projects related to philosophy, psychology, art, and social awareness through his articles, podcast, video lectures, retreats, and social media. He is currently working on his first book, which attempts to explain the gap between atheism and theism in contemporary language.

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